Version 1.15


  • Inbound Referrals - Added new options to toggle on/off the use of Procedure Date and Status capture fields that can be used to track and audit Procedure followup. If option to require is toggled on, these capture fields will be required when setting the referral to Treatment Accepted.
  • Dashboard - Added a new Audit section that will show the number of Procedures where the date has passed and the status is still Pending with a click through to open the Inbound Referrals filtered to these records.
  • Inbound Referrals - Added new option to toggle the Filters View between Base and Full views. The Base view only shows a limited number of the search fields which work for most day to day filters and saves screen space.
  • Inbound Referrals - Added new option to toggle the Results View between Base and Full views. The Base view hides the least important columns in the results to allow for a less cramped view.
  • Inbound Referrals - Added new search option for patient phone/email. This will allow for filterning referrals passed on all or part of a phone number or email address.
  • Users - Added new option that allows for the bulk re-assignment of open tasks currently assigned to a specific user to another user. This option is helpful is a user leaves or moves to a different position.
  • Partner Provider - Added the ability to assign a partner provider to be external or internal. By default everyone is assigned external.
  • Partner Provider - Added Internal/External column to export CSV option so it shows up in the spreadsheet
  • Dashboard - Changed the Time To Consult, Time To Present and Time To Decision calculations to only include referrals tied to a Partner Provider that is specified as External.
  • Added Internal/External Filter to Volume by Time, Volume by Provider, Volume by Practice, Volume by Case Type
  • Added Internal/External Filter to Earnings by Time, Earnings by Provider, Earnings by Practice, Earnings by Case Types, Earnings by Coordinator, Earnings By Time
  • Added Internal/External Filter to Referral Conversion By Time, Referral Cycle By Case Type, Referral Cycle By Practice, Referral Cycle By Provider, Referral Cycle By Time, Company Scorecard

Video 1

Procedural Audit Feature & Use

Video 2

Base & Full View Toggle Options

Video 4

Internal & External Partner Providers