Version 1.10

  • Dashboard - Combined the Referral Ranker Overall list with the Referral Ranker by Metric list to consolidate space.
  • Dashboard - Added new Same Day Acceptance chart that shows either volume or amount for Case Presentation and Same Day Acceptance by week for the current week and the previous 6 weeks.
  • Dashboard - Added new card to show percentages of Case Acceptance both Overall and Same Day with the difference. These percentages are for cases presented in the last 3 months.
  • TRUE™ Case Acceptance Reports - TRUE™ Case Acceptance is a new way for trend analysis at the practice level; which also allows for granular sub metric analysis. TRUE™ stands for Time Registered Unequivocally Equal. This analysis system allows you to award every presented treatment the same opportunity for success, nothing more and nothing less. We have included two reports; one by Volume and one by Earnings.

Video 1

Dashboard Update / Weekly Graph of Same Day Case Acceptance

Video 2

TRUE™ Case Acceptance Reports