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Dr. James Woodyard - Periodontist

Dr. James Woodyard, a periodontist in Evansville, Indiana, provides a testimonial about his positive experience with a referral management system. He emphasizes the system's ability to facilitate good decision-making and teamwork by eliminating the need for micromanagement. Dr. Woodyard appreciates the system's tracking capabilities, ensuring that patients don't fall through the cracks.

As an early adopter of the system, he describes it as a "no-brainer" and a game-changer for his practice. Previously, the practice spent hours every six months managing a massive spreadsheet of referring dentists and their case acceptance rates. The referral management system automates this process, providing daily case acceptance numbers. Dr. Woodyard finds this feature invaluable for identifying areas of personal and practice growth. He emphasizes that the system allows them to operate like a big business, relying on data rather than gut feelings, making it unlike any other software he has seen and describing it as a game changer for their practice.

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