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Advanced Referral
Analytics Software

Referral Lab is a software system designed specifically to track metrics both on and within the referral process. Focused on ease of use, offices can be utilizing the system within a few hours of signup.

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Physicain invented solution

Practice manager & team advised and tested
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Industry changing metrics

Proprietary referral ranking system
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Save team valuable time

Spend resources on what really matters

Maximizing Referral Potential

Created by Speacialists for Specialists

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Some Of Our Clients
Favorite Reports!

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Provides a quick pulse of your practice as a whole.
Clean, easy to use and see with live data.

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Referral conversion by time report

Shows where the new patient bucket is leaking and provides a starting point, finding ways to plug the holes.

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Activity snapshot report

See what has been done over the course of the day. You can't be everywhere at once, but now you can see what the front office is doing while you're treating patients.


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