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Providers and their teams are incredibly busy. The referral process can be cumbersome and difficult to manage well. Many practices use outdated spreadsheets which provide limited information and lack actionable insights...if they track at all. Referrals are easily lost and slip through the cracks, resulting in the potential loss of millions and poor patient communication.  

Referral Lab® is a simple software solution which seamlessly manages the referral lifecycle and helps ensure schedules are maximized. Stop wasting valuable time with ineffective referral management tools. Referral Lab® is intuitive and can be setup and used within a few hours. Minimal training is required for front-end users. The product is simple, but powerful. Providers quickly obtain valuable information regarding the status of referrals, identify top referral providers, determine income potential, run dynamic reports, and ensure the practice is running efficiently. 

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Physician invented solution

Practice Tested and Engineered

Referral Lab began with an idea shared among high-performing specialty practices: How do we rank and track referral sources? In order to reimagine how we rank providers, we developed a system that does so much more.

We designed an application that collects data from every step of the referral process; providing practices with actionable data, and using real business metrics to affect your operational decisions. Referral Lab reporting allows you to see the results of your business practices, make adjustments, and ditch the post-it note.

Through almost two years of active testing, Referral Lab has grown into a comprehensive efficiency tool within specialty practices. We track your production, conversion, volume, even scheduling efficiency. Updates are released frequently, and our team is available to help you leverage the tool.

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Industry changing metrics

Optimize your Business

How much does your average patient generate in revenue? How long does a patient take to decide on treatment? Do patients take longer to convert with higher case amounts? 

Having data on your side allows you to ask the big brain questions without having to copy-paste inside a spreadsheet. Referral Lab is used throughout the industry in high performing practices, where business metrics lead to operational efficiency. We are leveraging data to define Key Performance Indicators that can change the field. We are in the business of creating high performing, highly efficient, specialty practices. Auditing operations provide huge value, but what about access to robust reporting that's both actionable and purposeful? 

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Save team valuable time

Focus on your Practice

Every office has the same problem... finding the time to get in contact with patients after they leave the chair. Wouldn’t you like to see all the opportunities you left on the line? Referral Tracking has never been easier thanks to the suite of automation options provided by Referral Lab. Use Tasks to follow your team's actions in follow-up. Receive updates letting you know KPIs. Utilize our Audit functions for Consults, Treatment, and Procedures.

Automation provides your team a clear line of communication to follow with the patient. It also allows you to see the whole picture, with metrics to measure how efficient your team is at converting after consults, presenting treatment, and caring for patients. Bring business into your practice, and use Data to transform the way you provide for your patients.

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Provides a quick pulse of your practice as a whole. Clean, easy to use and see with live data.

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Referral conversion by time report

Shows where the new patient bucket is leaking and provides a starting point, finding ways to plug the holes.

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Activity snapshot report

See what has been done over the course of the day. You can't be everywhere at once, but now you can see what the front office is doing while you're treating patients.


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